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No posting of recent CDPR/EA leaks.

As you may be aware, CDPR & EA have recently been compromised. As with past illegal thefts of data we have a zero policy of sharing the content.

  1. Linking of any stolen data including screenshots will result in removal of the offending posts, this will result in a permanent ban from the site.
  2. Talk is fine as long as rule 1 is met.
Our goal is to work with game developers, to preserve history. Leaks like this are damaging for both the companies and the countless developers that worked hard on these games.

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EA had 780GB of Fifa 2021's source stolen and the source for the Frostbite engine stolen. We've been aware of the data since april but it's only just broken in the news.

Frostbite source? Holy hell! Now lets hope we finally get to see true mods on PC! I want Battlefield V to be a historically convincing WW2 game, not some crazy diesel punk fever dream. All the content is there already in game to do it, authentic uniforms and over 50 unused weapons or something like that.

That was kind of what led me to make my own historically believable WW2 total conversion mod In BF2 engine called Battlefield 1944. At least we have pushed BF2 engine graphically further than anybody else has. So we are giving gamers what they wished Battlefield V should have been.

Anyways, do you know if this was just overall source code for different builds of the engine? Or was it only for the absolute latest? Some people have already been slowly building community made mod tools for Battlefield 3 since around 2013. I have participated in testing it and it was pretty cool. They are still not quite at the point of adding in custom weapon or vehicles yet, but that have been able to make new multiplayer maps. So hopefully this opens up those games. The modding community on PC all but died when DICE stopped supporting their game with
official modding tools.

I know I am not supposed to be cheering for these leaks, but something deep down inside me feels like it is karma lol.

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