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GC Need help with DDH


Original poster
Jan 22, 2020
I need some help, I'm concerned the GameCube side of my DDH has failed. I have everything connected per the manual and even had it running code. However, now when I run loadrun with an elf, it loads the file but nothing happens on the screen. I get nothing on the ORCA debug channel either, not a blip. When I run the code, the 4 leds on the orca board go out, then one stays solid and the other pulses. it's led pwr and 4 i believe, reset is off.
One thing I was not sure of, was there are two leds on the right side of the main pcb. they both start off orange, one turns to a flashing green and the other stays orange (labeled heartbeat)
I have ran all internal tests and no errors present themselves.

The value of this thing makes me heartache if something is wrong with it.

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