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My Main character, through many many character creators.


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Jul 9, 2019
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Mar 31, 2007
I can't draw for shit and I have insomnia from drinking Coffee late in the afternoon so I figured find some random character generators and make the Main Character of the game I'm trying to make.

SO here's Dr Akira Mizushima PhD MD. First as DS Shovel Ware, as a Moe Anime character, Another style Shovelware, If She was in a PC98 hentai game, Really bad western style that nail her hair and outfit, and last, her Soul Calibur VI form which is the oldest version of her and most accurate as she looks like a woman who woke up naked in a pile of laundry and Vomit with no idea what she did last night.

Moe, PC98 and Soul Calibur are my favorites.

DS Shovelware Akira 1.pngDS Shovelware Akira 2.pngMoe Akira.pngmyAvatarbadAkira.pngPC98 Akira.pngReally Bad Akira (1).pngReally Bad Akira (2).pngSoul Calibur VI Akira (1).jpgSoul Calibur VI Akira (3).jpgSoul Calibur VI Akira (4).jpg

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