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Mr Tuff (Dec 5, 1994 prototype) + Some News

Mr Tuff (Dec 5, 1994 prototype) + Some News

Hey everyone, we have a new release for you all.

We have a new dump of an unreleased game called Mr. Tuff for the SNES. This was released eons a go by some scene group (probably ANTHROX), but the ROM was hacked. We found an original copy on some loose EPROMs that we've dumped and made available for you all. This is actually a pretty fun game, so enjoy!

Also, HPZ has a Discord now if you want to pop in and see what's up from time to time.

Enjoy! This is going to be a very interesting year. :)
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Amazing work as always guys! Thanks for all the hard work you do at HiddenPalace :)

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