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PS3 Killzone 2 pre-production


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Feb 16, 2021
This disc arrived yesterday...


Disc only, but from what I can gather from looking around it is part of a Killzone 2 Press Kit?
Pictures of the full PK I've looked at seem to indicate this disc is review code, but as the kit itself isn't rare (I wouldn't even say it's HTF myself) I think it's likely people have dumped this already.
The quick searching around I did back when this was first listed didn't come up with any info about a dump, but it was only a very quick search.

Something else that I read about the PK is that this disc won't work on retail console, it's for test kit. The pics I've seen of the PK seem to have info about using the disc on test kit as well.

Anyway, if anyone still active here can remember if this particular disc has been dumped already and has more information about usage limitations I'd be grateful to hear more about it. Would save me doing some more searching right now as I'm busy doing some other stuff.
I'm not requesting links or files, just information :)


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