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How to dump a PS3 TEST (A00A/J, J00A/J, 2000A/J, 2500A/J)



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This is just a basic guide for now, pictures to be added later.

Please note at this stage it is impossible to get EID_ROOT_KEY's from some later 2500A models along with 3000A/4000A/4300A's which have no means to install CFW. You should still dump the HDD's and archive them incase this changes in future.
  1. Dump HDD using normal dumping means. I.e linux dd or via hdd raw copy tool. (Make sure not to write to your main drive or anything important and make sure it's .IMG. DO NOT INITIALIZE TO WINDOWS! OG/Myself is not liable for fuckups.)
  2. Do not skip to dumping unless step 1 is done. Doing so can ruin all chances of saving data.
  3. Get an 8GB USB Flash Stick, Make sure it's formatted to FAT32.
  4. Make a folder named PS3 and one inside this named UPDATE.
  5. Download original TEST 3.55 downgrade firmware. (We're unable to link this due to copyright sorry!) also do not mix up TEST/DECR firmware this can result in a bricked system. Hashes for the correct firmware: MD5::efa62388ee8d2592727ddbdce9b4bec8 | SHA1::9d28c2533c36c0eff801a41f74632182d408a5a9 | CRC32::F49A0B7E | CRC16::45D2 | HMAC_SHA1::289154362B4A1BC0D34A3815DE7B480B264188FF
  6. Place PS3UPDAT.PUP inside PS3\UPDATE\.
  7. Install 3.55 downgrade firmware as normal and downgrade.
  8. While downgrading grab REBUG D-REX firmware. (
  9. As before upgrade to REBUG D-REX. (Remember to rename to PS3UPDAT.PUP)
  10. Install REBUG TOOLBOX and dump the EID_ROOT_KEY.
  11. Install MultiMan, this enables you to copy the EID_ROOT_KEY to your USB stick.
  12. Now you will want too decrypt your image,
  13. Now you can use R-STUDIO (paid tool sadly) to recover data from the USF2 partition. Please note it can detect data that isn't there such as VP6 videos/VOB videos. It's best to disable those options.
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