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Dreamcast Dreamcast DCHDMI motherboard region choice, and mods


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Jan 24, 2020
Hi all,

Like a lot of Dreamcast collectors, I have a number of motherboards stashed up from all regions and with various degrees of mods installed, and I'm looking for some advice deciding which Dreamcast motherboard to install the DCHDMI on (I am not going to be installing the DCHDMI myself and it's a reasonable financial investment so I want to get this right).

I'm located in the UK - so PAL region - but have been using a NTSC-J board with J.Cake (1.031) BIOS chip replacement and the R422 mod, as I understand this gives (or gave) best overall compatibility with games from all regions (with mind to full-screen 60Hz mode). Typically I hook up to a 1080p LCD pc monitor, but occasionally also a PAL (LCD) HDTV, via RGB SCART then into OSSC. I use a (genuine) GDEmu although that probably has little bearing apart from forcing multi-region compatibility with GDmenu, but I do like having that functionality in the BIOS however.

Despite my best efforts of googling and reading though, I am a little confused what bearing, if any, the motherboard region and these mods will have on a DCHDMI and it's output. BIOS I believe has little effect, it's the R422 mod which I can find little reference to. Perhaps I am overthinking things which is why I am here, becoming a recent father is playing havoc with my comprehension for anything technical! I would really appreciate an explanation of how these things interact regarding video output and NTSC/PAL, and which is going to give me best overall compatibility going forwards.

Thanks for reading and hopefully some kind soul with a good understanding of this can explain things for me!

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