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Here are some rules to keep in mind as you browse through the forums and engage in the conversations here or on the Discord.

General Rules

1- We will not tolerate any form of deliberate harassment. Racism, sexism, homophobia, and any other form of targeted harassment aren't welcome here. Please be patient and don't talk over others. Be mindful of triggers. Give content warnings, use safewords, censors, and/or spoiler tags when referring to things like arachnids.
For example: "Did you see those huge sp*ders in High Caves??"
Any persistent use of trigger words, making jokes, and ridiculing/invalidating other people's triggers will result in a warning.

2- Spamming will not be tolerated. Image dumps and long strings of messages are only acceptable if they are relevant to the conversation.

3- If you have beef or drama with someone, take it in the messages. Nobody cares.

4- Keep discussion in the correct channels.

5- Listen to the staff when they tell you to do something. Rebelling will result in being clowned on along with a warning, kick, or ban depending on the circumstances.

6- Do not post links to other servers or communities.

7- Don't ask for and/or post links to pirated copies of the retail games.

8- No roleplaying.

9- No NSFW images. That includes nudity/rule 34 and gore.

Research Rules

1- Please do not post repeated information. Check sources such as the TCRF articles for the Spyro games if you are unsure.

2- Belittling other members for not knowing something is 100% prohibited and will break the flow of the current discussion. You will get a warning as a punishment. This applies in all cases.

3- No fabricating prerelease or prototype information. Also, please cite your sources and DO NOT SPREAD MISINFORMATION.

Breaking these rules can have varying offenses, but above all doing so is a waste of time and holds up the flow of getting any work done, so take your BS somewhere else please. Just follow these simple rules and you'll be good.
Not open for further replies.

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