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Review Burnout Revenge Review


Burnout Revenge is the peak of Burnout. Undoubtedly.

Burnout Revenge, a 2005 game for Burnout, and technically being Burnout 4, is a definite improvement over Burnout 3 in most aspects. It's enjoyable, with many hours I've clocked into the game, it sounds great and it looks good, though there is a problem I have with the visuals in this game. It was released on the PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360, with the 360 version being the "definitive" version. I've never bothered to touch it, though I have touched the Xbox version. I don't know whether my Xbox was messing up or the disc was messed up, but the Xbox version was very, very glitchy. Many times, the camera would clip through objects, a couple times I clipped through the floor, and in the "Eliminator" races, once it went down to me and only me, it'd go for a second and then say "You Win!".

Graphically, this game is very good. Progressive Scan is an option, being X and Triangle at startup, like most NTSC-U/C games, even across the pacific. It's quite sharp, but with one flaw that comes to mind.

The color.

The color in this game isn't very bright, polished and flourishing, it's either very warm hues or very cool hues. It's very orange-y in terms of color. Lots of orange buildings. The menus are orange too, because of the cars racing around in the background. The cars that are cooler colors are drowned out heavily by it, and it just doesn't look very pretty. Doesn't mean it doesn't get the job done. Just means that it isn't flourishing with lots of color everywhere. Cities either look like they're about to spontaneously combust or they're dropping to absolute zero fast. I will though say that this makes the explosions very satisfying to watch.

The sound. This was a game tagged with Dolby Pro Logic II, which is not an accomplishment by any means, as just about every game at this time had it. The music in this game is more of the alt-rock of 2005, and early 2000s. Stuff like Yellowcard's Lights and Sounds, many others, about 41 different songs in the game, and one of them being the game's (essentially) title theme, "Break On Through (To The Other Side)", by BT vs. The Doors. It being a remix, of course, with the VS between the names. As is with many EA games of the time, the music is clocked at 32KHz as compared to something more standard like 44.1 or 48KHz, which Burnout used before it was bought up by EA. (coincidence? most likely.). You can't really tell when you're playing the game, though, as it's usually being drowned out by crashing into other cars, or when you crash, where the music dies out for a little bit, but I'll get to that later. It's pretty good for the most part. More likable than another racing game I've reviewed where the sound settings were unadjustable.

I'm a dominator.

The gameplay, being the most important part of the game, is definitely solid. Without a doubt. Smashing into things is definitely satisfying, as you have the ability to destroy lines of traffic going your way is a definitive plus. Everything in your way, that is in your direction is absolutely decimated by you, as well as cars just put everywhere for you to smash into. Everything. Except for cars that are not facing your direction. Those you will still crash into. You can also use the traffic to your advantage to screw over your opponents and have them be absolutely destroyed as well. There's also the crashbreaker and impact time, where in the impact time, after you are hit by another vehicle, you can use to crash into any other cars behind you. The crashbreaker is where you use everything left in your boost bar to, essentially, use a small nuke in your car and try to blow up any CPU cars around you. Complete and utter destruction.
There are many modes. Race, Crashbreaker Race, Eliminator, Grand Prix (sometimes crashbreaker grand prix), as well as Crash mode. Crash, which gave us the abysmal Burnout Crash, is a mode where you go to destroy everything within your vicinity on the road. Lots and lots of battered up cars and big explosions and damage. Crashbreaker races are where you (and your opponents) can use their crashbreaker. Otherwise, a normal race. Eliminator is different. No, it is not the ZZ Top album, but a mode where you have to stay at the front of the pack or be destroyed. Every 30 seconds. Each Eliminator race then would last for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, as five other cars are destroyed in a six car race.

One big problem I have though is how much a lot of the Crash levels are recycled, and level recycling in general. It feels very unoriginal and a bit lazy, in all honesty. Just the same level with harder CPUs. Not to mention that the difficulty with the CPUs also feels ver artifical and BS sometimes. There is also Road Rage, where you crash into your opponents until you get absolutely totaled, and Traffic Attack where you try to cause as much damage to traffic until you get a certain amount of money to get a certain Medal. Did I mention that this game has you trying to cause a lot of financial damage, so much in fact that at least with Crash and Traffic Attack modes, it's a focal point to getting a better rank? No? Well, that's a thing anyways. There are also different level ranks that you have to earn stars to level up to the next rank, which grants you more access to more levels. Get Gold medals and you will progress fast.

Crashbreaker Road Rage. Fun.

Control wise? Very, very solid and responsive.

Overall, I would say that this game is worth at least a try or two. Try whichever version you want, but I personally recommend the PS2 version because that's the one I've played. It might take a little while to load, but it's better to just load it to your internal HDD anyways. I throughly enjoyed it.



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Revenge is my all time favourite Burnout. It blew me away with my new 360, first gen game, 60fps and full on. Love it!

...and yes smashing things in this game is satisfying.
This game and Burnout Dominator were probably the most fun I've had with racing games on PS2.

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