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Dreamcast All new Hexen port to Dreamcast by Ian Micheal


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Jun 2, 2019
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Here is an all new preliminary port of Hexen for the Dreamcast. He has only just started working on it so is still a bit rough around the edges. But he even added the awesome Saturn and PSX opening FMV video. He went with the Saturn version since rendered in 30fps.

You can find a link to download and more information on the port below.

Ian Micheal said:

I would like if someone can do a cover back and front for this DreamHHexen
I dont want old one that was used for bero's old port

Long term project this alpha is many builds in over 1 month of work to get
it to run on hardware at all..

It may have problems bugs etc preset controls you might not like
right now you can change them in the option menu..

Saturn fmv intro has been converted to ROQ and the fixed dreamroq player used
At the start it has some slight problem but it clears up to perfect only slight problem
is echo on first few lines.. It's just a buffer i will fix in time it will take on hardware
profile and optimizing to be retail saturn like it's 30fps unlike the ps1 intro at 15fps.
This is the version i fixed which runs fullspeed 30fps stable ..

So here is a test alpha
Fmv saturn intro press start at any time to load dreamHHexen it will take a tiny bit to load it's not crashed:)
Screen will be black while it loads.. I will in the future have a now loading screen ..
Hhexen ported = New skill levels and loading of mods is possible not in this test version
A skill levels= more then there was on retail hhexen
Sfx HQ
Double buffer screen = fast update smooth movement.
Dc controls

saving and cdda music
saving saves but does not load

All controls included mouse look around
all buttons can be changed in the menu to what you want

Preset controls
Start = opendoors when push forward+ throw items
Analog = mouse look around
A= shoot punch
B= shoot punch + can be changed in menu to what you want
Start= open use +
Left trigger = menu
Right trigger = map
Y = Jump
X = always run when held in and movement

You can test with keyboard and mouse as well

Selfboot cdi download
Dont try to save it may mess you vmu up as it will try..

It will save the game but it cant load back right now could not fix this right now wanted a public release since i have talked about it..

Src is a mess right now but i provide it on request as per gpl

Been a bit burned out from C coding this port came from depression just to see if i could port a new ID software engine.

Source: https://www.dreamcast-talk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=53&p=148569#p148569
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