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Saturn adding NMI cable to retail saturn for Cart.Dev?


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Jun 8, 2019
The Perfect K
I have a Cart.Dev and I want to use a retail saturn with it to debug some programs. I know there is supposed to be a strip of test points on the saturn that a header can be installed to for an NMI cable, which plugs into the cart.dev. Unfortunately, I lost more detailed instructions on which points to solder to. Does anybody know how to go about modding a retail saturn for this?

EDIT: Well crap like this always seems to happen, I look for something all night, then finally decide to post asking for help, only to immediately find it. If anyone needs this info, here's what I was looking for:

All retail saturns have a header at CN12 next to the controller boards that the NMI cable connects to. The NMI cable connection is 12 pins big, but only 8 are needed on the CartDev. To build an NMI cable, use a 10p IDC connector to fit the CartDev, and an 8p 2mm JST connector for the CN12 header. A flat ribbon cable is recommended for wiring up the cable. The CN12 header maps to the NMI pins on the Cart Dev like so:

CN12 pin --> NMI cable pin
pin 1 --> pin 2
pin 2 --> pin 4
pin 3 --> pin 5
pin 4 --> pin 7
pin 5 --> pin 8
pin 6 --> pin 6
pin 7 --> pin 1 (red)
pin 8 --> pin 10
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