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A pitch for Sly Cooper 4: Time Bandits has been found! (NGP, October 2009)

A pitch presentation showcasing an original idea for a fourth Sly Cooper game has been found and released.

With an October 2009 date, this predates the announcement of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time by about two years (E3 2011). It was originally intended to be a NGP (PlayStation Vita) launch title.

It was pitched by the same developer of Thieves in Time, Sanzaru Games. It includes a plethora of content scrapped from the final game, as at this point it was a game with an entirely different focus and approach.

Here's the download, containing a video of the presentation (with all personal info left out) along with all the videos and images used in it + slide notes (video recording was done as releasing the raw PowerPoint may compromise the privacy of those involved): Sly Cooper 4 Time Bandits Green Light Presentation.zip

A thread breaking down the contents:

Credits go to @Cooper941 and myself for preserving this awesome previously-unseen piece of Sly Cooper history. Enjoy the release!

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