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1997 PC Builds of Deathtrap Dungeon - any out there?


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Jun 12, 2019
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Nov 21, 2010
Basically, one of my all time favourite games from back in the day. It was primarily being developed for PC and the PlayStation version came into the picture sometime in 1997. Development had been going on as early as 1995, maybe even further back from what I've been told. The earliest previews all come from 1996, and luckily some raw screenshots have been preserved as well. The most interesting changes were in the PC version during 1997, with different stages, texturing and even some gameplay features making it into the alpha builds shown in magazines. On a PlayStation Plus VHS, there is a short part with more dramatic lighting, as well as a different-looking inventory. I've even read that RPG features such as levelling would be included at one point. One significant feature which seemed to be missing from the game was water; something that many 3D games like Tomb Raider, Quake and others already had. I've always felt it was a strange thing to neglect, but I learned from one of the devs that waterfalls and puzzles using water were considered. A demo build was available at ECTS '97 and several magazines at the time received builds to preview/ review. I've been searching for something playable since 2012, and eventually turned up a PlayStation beta with some debug fuctionality, which I dumped. Has anyone ever seen other pre-release builds of this game out there, or played them?

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