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  1. Damien

    OG will be @ OLL '22!

    OG will be at OLL '22! OG will be showcasing developer hardware, prototype hardware, restoration and showing importance of video game preservation live. If you're in the UK and wish to come, we have even better news! We'll be giving away two tickets to the event worth £27.50 each! All...
  2. ranfoxconn

    MD VA6 Mega Drive Model 1 Video Problem

    So I got a Japanese Mega Drive with a VA6 motherboard the other day and I tested it using two games, Bare Knuckle 2 and Gunstar Heroes and it ran them just fine. So I put in a language switch then gave it new caps and new voltage regulators. Turned the console on and it worked. Just for fun I...
  3. LeHaM

    Suggestion Content Creators Thread

    Hi Guys! I'm making this thread to for everyone to share creators they like. (Youtube, instagram or any platform) Post up a link and maybe a short bio about the creator :) Self promo is OK just put it at the top of the post please :)
  4. karlmartin95

    Dreamcast HELP - Sega Katana Video & Communication problems

    Hello Obscure Gamers, In this post I will share with you the problems that I have with my Sega Katana. The post it's big so, take a cup of coffee. Some months ago, I bought this Sega Katana from a guy in my country, he told me that the Katana was brought from Japan by him and he used it for...