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  1. S

    Are there any Joycon analog stick replacements of decent quality available?

    I had the Joycon drift on my left stick after a few years and tried cleaning it a few different ways, which didn't work, as you probably expect. So I ordered a replacement, which drifted even worse than the original, even after calibrating. So I bought another one, which appears to be DOA...
  2. la-li-lu-le-lo

    X360 Xbox 360 HDMI switch issue

    So, I have this Xbox 360. It's a Jasper Arcade system. It hasn't been modded, and it currently has an official 250GB HDD installed. The system is fully working as far as I can tell, except for one issue: I have this issue that I've been trying to figure out forever, and I still have no answer...
  3. cavencruiser

    Why do some psp games have no depth buffer?

    I was wondering why some games like the tomb raiders on the psp have no depth buffer, was this some kind of hardware constraint like the n64, or is this just stupidity on the developers side? feel free to let me know why.