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  1. R

    Looking: SNASM658.EXE

    I have some ancient SNES code that used the Cross Products SNASM assembler. The build scripts are wanting SNASM658.EXE, the only live SNASM link I've been able to locate was for a SNASM.EXE which doesn't seem compatible. Any packrats out there have an archive of this? Many thanks.
  2. jaskamakkara

    MAD-1 connections on 1A3M-30 PCB - confused

    Hi, For my own education purposes I have been using my multimeter to map out a bunch of different PCBs. I have a copy of Black Bass III (Jap) which uses a 1A3M-30 PCB. Here is the pinout of the MAD-1 as I can tell with my meter: MAD-1: X---------|1 {/RomCS1} {/RomCS0} 16|---------X SRAM...
  3. snescentral

    [SNES] DSP1 demo source code

    The ROM image of a version of this DSP1 demo was released by Nintendo Player years ago, but the source code was recently discovered. I wrote an article about it. Included are binaries assembled from the source code, thanks to Luigibood. The source can be assembled using tools released by...
  4. ph4ntombr4in

    NTSC SNES Freezes on start up. No visible signs of problems.

    Hi all. I'm new here and have been recommended by a friend to speak to everyone here about my journey trying to get an NTSC Super NES working. Basically, I acquired an NTSC SNES from someone local (I'm from the UK so we're used to PAL) for free, and it came untested, and with what appears to...
  5. cavencruiser

    The games that showed off the gba's power during its lifespan

    Hi, I wanted to talk about a topic that has been on my mind as of recently. The gba during its launch was one of the most powerful 2d consoles out there far surpassing anything that can have been done on genesis and snes, or any of those gen of consoles. The general question comes down to; why...