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reverse engineering

  1. P

    Dreamcast Connecting an external serial modem to the Dreamcast?

    Just bringing this thread from DC talk to here: https://www.dreamcast-talk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=14680 TapamN was able to make Dreamkey connect over the serial port, does anyone ever saw something about it in the katana dev kits? Would be interesting to find more documentation about it.
  2. B

    GC Calling on all Panasonic Q owners

    Hello everyone, For some time now I’ve been researching the Panasonic Q DVD/Game player. It is what I would call one of the most beautiful consoles ever produced. But like most obscure and niche products it was only ever released in Japan. This brought with it that the DVD region was locked to...
  3. Redherring32

    Open Source NES motherboard

    Hey guys! I just wanted to share something I've been working on. It's a completely reverse engineered NES motherboard, schematics, manufacturing files, and a Bill of Materials (BOM). Meaning you can assemble your own NES motherboards, or even use the schematic to make a custom board. I've...
  4. cavencruiser

    Need help finding unused debug menu in super ghouls and ghosts gba

    Hello all, I have discovered that there was unused dialogue in the gba port of super gng. Is anyone willing to find if the menu is still present by reverse engineering? I would like to see how this menu works.
  5. V

    PSA: Ghidra 9.1 Includes SuperH SH-1/SH-2/SH-4 Support

    The Ghidra team merged my SH-1/SH-2 (Sega Saturn) processor module to trunk. They also added SH-4 (Dreamcast) support. You can download the processor modules from Ghidra's trunk or wait for the upcoming 9.1 release.