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  1. Xrider


    Hello, If you want translate your PSX DESR to FRENCH, it's available here : https://delta-island.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4111
  2. Brawl

    PS2 Stargazer - Extract PSX STAR files

    Stargazer is a tool developed by me which can extract "STAR" files from the PSX which are used by its package manager. It's developed in Go and hence cross-plattform. Download binaries on GitHub Find the source code on GitHub (released into the Public Domain) To use it, either drag your...
  3. border collie21

    PS2 Sony PSX DESR-5100 not powering on after installing a different HDD

    Around June, I tried to replace the HDD in my PSX (the actual PSX, not the PS1) and after connecting a larger IDE HDD it would no longer power on. I checked everything that looked like a fuse and nothing seemed to be visibly wrong. I just dug it out again and started messing with it, and it's...
  4. mementomori

    Agent 9's Lab - Discord Invite + Information Thread

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the Spyro Research section of ObscureGamers, brought to you by Agent 9's Lab. This is a community for a research project of the Spyro the Dragon trilogy on PS1. @RZXspyro is the owner, while I am the co-owner. We research the development of the games and how they...
  5. MonkeyBoyJoey

    PS1 Is anyone cracking the PSX DVRP?

    Is there anyone working on fixing the HDD situation with the PSX DVR? According to old threads on the AssemblerGames archives and a post on Geocities, the DVRP contains the authentication check to see if the connected HDD is a Sony drive. If this can be cracked, this means we can trick the...
  6. danhans42


    This is something I have been working on/off the last month or two.. NXFLASH. https://github.com/danhans42/nxflash NXFLASH is built on the source of XFLASH which was written by Tim Schuerewegen some time ago. It allows you to flash/backup cheat cartridges such as the Xplorer/Xplorder/AR/GS...
  7. Icaras

    PS1 WipEout 3 (August 3, 1999 review prototype)

    My favorite review copy for playstation one that i bought for 220 euros :) ENJOY ;) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!