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  1. S

    GC Pikmin 2 prototypes part 2

    Looking for leads or people who may have pikmin 2 prototypes message me so we can discuss if you know anything https://www.pikminwiki.com/Pikmin_2_prerelease_information
  2. S

    Looking for pikmin 2 prototypes

    I am Looking for pikmin 2 prototypes mainly the versions with yellow and blue bulborbs
  3. MisterEnthusiastOG

    NEC PC-Duo (PC Engine Duo-R U.S. prototype)

    Back in 2016, there was an eBay auction for an extremely rare and obscure console, apparently a prototype for an unreleased U.S. version of the PC Engine Duo-R, dubbed the PC-Duo. Below in this spoiler is an image of the PC-Duo. Below is a link to a #CUPodcast by Pat the NES Punk discussing...
  4. Icaras

    I can remove red screen from Psygnosis prototype games :)

    IF Some one wants to play his prototype without red screen error code, i can remove it. Anybody can send me bin cue files on private message and i can send it private message with the unlocked game :) i like to help some friends if cannot play the game :) Kind Regards, Icaras.