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  1. n99k3d

    Price Check PSX Lost Vikings 2 Early Preview / Developer Beta

    Some of you probably might have already heard about this Disc that i got from a German Collector that bought up a Disc Lot from the UK. I actually dont know what it could be worth , as the Collector told me it wasnt worth much for him since he couldnt get it to run in his PSX (the Seller told...
  2. kennypecheur

    Strange Gamecube disc (Probably Test-Pressing disc)

    Hi all, Recently, I got a bunch of Gamecube NR Discs from a former Video Game Magazine employee, and it the lot, there was a kind of disc I haven't already seen. As pictured below, it is a gamecube disc that looks double sided. At the moment, I was only able to check the content on one side of...
  3. DirkDagger

    Other [Nokia N-Gage / QD] NotForSale MMCs Complete Thread: Alpha, Beta, Gold, Dev, P/Review, Promo, ProtoType, Boxed J2ME.

    [N-Gage Complete Guide UpDate: 11 December 2020]. Finally I decided to create one complete thread abt Nokia N-Gage/QD NotForSale (NFS/NFR) MMC games. I never saw any more or less complete pictures/photos of that type of N-Gage media. Process of collecting retail N-Gage games cool enough, for...