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  1. Foas

    PSA: Steam to update game downloads - breaking the ability to download outdated depots

    Steam pushed an update to their beta client, which changes how game downloads work, when this inevitably gets pushed to the CDN it will practically be impossible to download older builds of games, I suggest you download and backup all of the builds you can before it's too late.
  2. bunkertheme

    Old warez cd-s

    Back in the 90's when having Internet at home was as rare as owning a Ferrari, there were bunch of warez groups, who released cd-s with 0-day content for mainly PC. Back in those days, those cd-s usually contained pre-release leaks as well (alpha-beta materials) of games and various programs...
  3. LadyLeia

    Roller Deck (The Card Based Maths Game)

    RollerDeck is my second public game development project after Ball20x2 (a quick little game for the GM20 game jam in 20 hours). Roller Deck is a game involving matching cards together. Match the cards - Reach the goal! The rules to this puzzle game are simple: Put your card over another to add...