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  1. M

    NES The 'Arcade' Advantage (NES Advantage) - Requesting a Little Help to Get Started

    I'm looking to take an old NES Advantage Controller and attempting to Modify it to use an 'Arcade' Joystick. I have some skill in soddering and craftsmanship; though I don't know where to exactly start. As for why I'm doing this; I thought it would be an interesting project to pull off as the...
  2. Xrider

    NES [DEV - DONE] Nintendo World Championships 1990 Competition Cartridge NES - PERFECT REPRO

    Hello, In love with my first console, the Nintendo NES , I decided to buy back the Nintendo NES games I had when I was a child (thank you dad & mom). Thanks to this passion, I also discovered a lot of unknown titles And I came across an article mentioning the existence of very very rare &...
  3. Redherring32

    Open Source NES motherboard

    Hey guys! I just wanted to share something I've been working on. It's a completely reverse engineered NES motherboard, schematics, manufacturing files, and a Bill of Materials (BOM). Meaning you can assemble your own NES motherboards, or even use the schematic to make a custom board. I've...
  4. Greg2600

    NES Hacking: 2019 Year In Review

    I've thrown this up on a couple forums already, but since not everyone is everywhere like me, here it is.... I periodically check the wondrous compilation site www.romhacking.net for various translations and hacks of old-school games. NES is primarily what I look for there, as the scene is...