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  1. Impendo64

    N64 Randnet Keyboard API / Library for homebrews

    Willing to start developing some homebrew for the N64 that use the Randnet Keyboard, I figured out that the Official N64 OS standard functions doesn't manage the Keyboard controller (at least on the OS/PC - v2.0L) . The only game that officially handles it is the Randnet Disk on the 64DD but I...
  2. takeshi385

    N64 New HDMI Solution for the N64

    Hey everyone! On the off chance you didn't see the news, Woozle, Citrus3000psi, and Chriz2600 are making an HDMI solution for the n64. This will also include analog upgrades as well. I've owned an Ultrahdmi since launch, but I have always been aggravated by Marshal's weird business model. If he...
  3. TurboDrowsy

    Other The Custom Robo N64 prototype

    Greetings ObscureGamers. Recently, someone managed to bring this Custom Robo (64) Prototype to my attention. Seeing as how it was sold last year in 2020 june-july, I wanted to do some digging. However, not only did google and yahoo japan results leave me empty handed, but that tweet seems...
  4. cavencruiser

    Why do some psp games have no depth buffer?

    I was wondering why some games like the tomb raiders on the psp have no depth buffer, was this some kind of hardware constraint like the n64, or is this just stupidity on the developers side? feel free to let me know why.
  5. Moondog

    Biohazard/ Resident Evil 0 N64 prototype (aka not this again :P)

    Anyone still obsessing over this in 2020? We got some new footage a few years back, but discussion on old Biohazard stuff has really died down.
  6. V

    N64 Analog Refurbishment

    Thought this might be intresting to the forum.
  7. cavencruiser

    Need help finding unused debug menu in super ghouls and ghosts gba

    Hello all, I have discovered that there was unused dialogue in the gba port of super gng. Is anyone willing to find if the menu is still present by reverse engineering? I would like to see how this menu works.
  8. MisterEnthusiastOG

    Other Ultra 64 controller prototype found

    https://gizmodo.com/video-game-preservationist-finds-rare-prototype-n64-con-1838450478 So recently, this dude managed to obtain a rare prototype Nintendo Ultra 64 game controller, one of the black ones with the oversized thumbstick pad.