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    GC Calling on all Panasonic Q owners

    Hello everyone, For some time now I’ve been researching the Panasonic Q DVD/Game player. It is what I would call one of the most beautiful consoles ever produced. But like most obscure and niche products it was only ever released in Japan. This brought with it that the DVD region was locked to...
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    Dreamcast dreamcast gdemu

    Hello, For a long time I've been wanting to mod my dreamcast. I decided to start with the gdemu. I took my dc apart to clean while waiting for gdemu. I've read a lot about this and watched a few yt videos. I am needing a bit a help/advice. My dc has the 1 on the back, on the board it has a 2...
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    Actel ProASIC 3 a3p250

    Hello, I’m looking for any info on how to extract code from the mentioned FPGA in the title. I’m asking in regards to the Wiikey/Wasp fusion modchip. The chip, IMHO, is the best modchip for the Gamecube available but sadly is no longer in production. As my own stock is running dry and...
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    Saturn Sega Saturn Region Free Bios Woes

    Howdy, I have a problem with my Sega Saturn Pal Mk2 and a region free bios i got from BadAd. I'm sure the Bios firmware itself is fine maybe it's just the game. Worldwide Soccer works fine (PAL) then I load up Euro England 96 and that doesn't work and the colours of the language select almost...