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  1. Xrider

    PS1 [DEV - DONE] : "Delta AIO" All in One Board for PS1

    Hello, Delta AIO : All In One modchip Features: PSIO Board IGR Mod Custom PSNee for drive bicolor LED You can show this here : All credit at the End ;) Xrider
  2. HaloSlayer255

    PS2 A few questions.

    Hello all, Does anyone know what connector can be used to replace the fan connector on a ps2 fat console fan? These are 5000x fans if it matters. I was able to clear out the fan socket on the mainboard very carefully with precision tweezers. I have a bunch of other fans from what appears to...
  3. PsychoLavos

    Saturn Phantom Universal not working

    Hello there! I posted this in the "Help & Repairs" section of the OG Discord Server, I figured that I'd also put it here too. Recently, I bought two Phantom Universal Modchips. One from RetroGamerStuff, the other from eBay. Due to the current pandemic, chances are It'll be a while before I...
  4. B

    Help with PS1 modchip

    Hi, so today I dug out my old PS1 for some retro fun (quarantine got me). I opened it up in order to clean it a bit and I noticed that one of the modchip wires got loose and it's no longer soldered. I googled in order to find a soldering diagram for the chip and the board but I was not able to...
  5. L

    Actel ProASIC 3 a3p250

    Hello, I’m looking for any info on how to extract code from the mentioned FPGA in the title. I’m asking in regards to the Wiikey/Wasp fusion modchip. The chip, IMHO, is the best modchip for the Gamecube available but sadly is no longer in production. As my own stock is running dry and...