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  1. takeshi385

    N64 New HDMI Solution for the N64

    Hey everyone! On the off chance you didn't see the news, Woozle, Citrus3000psi, and Chriz2600 are making an HDMI solution for the n64. This will also include analog upgrades as well. I've owned an Ultrahdmi since launch, but I have always been aggravated by Marshal's weird business model. If he...
  2. H

    how to port game mods to half life[DC] ?

    I read an Obscuregamers post : https://www.obscuregamers.com/threads/half-life-dreamcast-mods-mega-pack.269/ and i am thinking about how to port mods like this. I mean it would be cool to play Dragon ball ESF modification in Dreamcast. What kind of stuff i need to make mods to a dreamcast game?
  3. ToTo

    MD Megadrive 2 with integrated HDMI and Wi-Fi (GBS-C)

    Hello guys, I had this idea in my mind and finally did it. I hope you enjoy it. Tutorial: GENESIS 2 / MEGADRIVE 2 WITH INTEGRATED HDMI AND WIFI https://vmod.wordpress.com/genesis-2-megadrive-2-with-integrated-hdmi-and-wifi-gbs-c-esp8266-vga2hdmi/