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  1. Xrider

    Dreamcast [DEV] Delta DreamTray for Sega Dreamcast with GDEMU

    Delta DreamTray Assembled for Sega Dreamcast console with ODE GDEMU Restore the ventilation in your console by closing the hole left by the installation of your GDEMU Two remote buttons to select a CDI / GDI image (for changing CD, UP and DOWN). With these two buttons, it's easy to go back...
  2. H

    Dreamcast dreamcast gdemu

    Hello, For a long time I've been wanting to mod my dreamcast. I decided to start with the gdemu. I took my dc apart to clean while waiting for gdemu. I've read a lot about this and watched a few yt videos. I am needing a bit a help/advice. My dc has the 1 on the back, on the board it has a 2...
  3. S

    GDMENU Card Manager 1.3.0

    Windows tool to manage contents on SD Card for use with GdEmu/GdMenu. It can add/remove/rename items. Can apply GDI Shrinking when copying new items (using gditools by @FamilyGuy) Some games won't work properly after shrinking. The program have a blacklist with some games known to have...
  4. Seroczynski

    Modded DC with distorted sound, already tried most common solutions

    Hi guys, I've been searching all over for someone who is able to push me in the right direction. Tried several forums, but no luck so far. Hopefully someone here will be able to identify the problem I am having. I live in Europe but started working on a NTSC-U Japanese Dreamcast. Replaced the...
  5. L

    Dreamcast VA0: Lowering voltage for GDEMU?

    Hello, first time poster here. I have a Japanese VA0 Dreamcast which I'm aware that it is not compatible with GDEMU. Most people familiar with GDEMU know that although it's physically compatible with both VA0 and VA1 revisions, it's designed to receive 3.3V which only the VA1 correctly...