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  1. Xrider

    MD Repair Everdrive MD V3

    This tutorial is for the Everdrive V3 Krikzz or Chinese clone BE CAREFUL, krikzz's OS V2 Firmware will brick ALL Chinese clones, even some Everdrive made in Krikzz 1 - Everdrive MD V3 bricked! You tried to update your Everdrive MD V3 with OS V2 from krikzz and you had this red screen: Here...
  2. Xrider

    Other How to repair GamePark 32

    Hello I have repair lot of GP32 BLU and FLU, i have make a tutorial for fix it. It's availvable here : https://delta-island.com/index.php/en/tutorials/repair-gamepark32-gp32-blu-flu I hope this tutoriel will save your GP32 ;) Regards, Xrider
  3. HaloSlayer255

    PS2 Comsoft v4 Fix Confirmed.

    Hello all, In reference to a previous thread I posted in: https://www.obscuregamers.com/threads/ps2-matrix-pic-fix-hex.1825/ Well after a lot of trial and error and with life getting in the way. I was able to finally find the mechacon pulse signal referenced as Point K on the Comsoft v4 slim...