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  1. X


    I don´t know why this has passed unnoticed, but 1 month ago GamesRadar release an interview of Aaron Garbut, head of development and co-studio head at Rockstar North, who reflected about GTA III original launch and the impact of the game on the industry...Everything normal until some point...
  2. RightspriteRetro

    Dreamcast New 2021 Indie Dreamcast Coming Preorder here !

    End the year with further great NEW Dreamcast Independent games Coming to Stock in The UK World wide shipping Reviews of these will feature on the RightSprite you tube channelYouTube Link Pre order yours here only at RightSprite.co.uk
  3. venom

    Dreamcast Dreamcast no video signal and no sound (its really not the AV cable)

    Okay so I have stumbled on this broken Dreamcast. I am completely new to the Dreamcast but I like a challenge :) I received it without a PSU, so I was like, no wonder it won't boot... dUh... anyway I attached an ATX PSU and voltage checkout 3.3v 5v and 12v. The LED lights up and the fan...
  4. NeoSnk

    Dreamcast New Dreamcast Game - Metal Canary!

    Here is a video of the first game developed 100% with Titan IDE. Metal Canary has been in development for about 6 months, a demo will be release at the end of this year and the full game will be released in 2022. Developers: Joseph Aaron O'Neil & Luiz Nai. A huge thanks to Ian Micheal, he...
  5. Xrider

    Dreamcast [DEV] Delta DreamTray for Sega Dreamcast with GDEMU

    Delta DreamTray Assembled for Sega Dreamcast console with ODE GDEMU Restore the ventilation in your console by closing the hole left by the installation of your GDEMU Two remote buttons to select a CDI / GDI image (for changing CD, UP and DOWN). With these two buttons, it's easy to go back...
  6. scurl

    Dreamcast What are these?

    got a bunch of stuff that was used by black box games which included multiple dreamcasts and various dc parts, and these japanese dcs have strange boards on them. the perfboard one is a prototype, i think, and the pcb is final version with "black box games" printed on the board...
  7. G

    Dreamcast No video output on HKT-0120

    Hi all, I have a HKT-0120 Dreamcast Dev kit that has been sitting in storage for about 10 years, and a recent bout of inspiration (and moving house) has uncovered the Kit and I was curious to boot it up. However, I am a complete notice and I am not getting any video output from the Kit and...
  8. Getta Robo

    Dreamcast Castlevania: Ressurection

    Well, it seems that some fellow acquired an early version of Castlevania: Ressurection for the Dreamcast and shared a video. ps. I've upload the video on the highest possible quality, just in case that Konami goes mad and yt removes the video.
  9. H

    Dreamcast dreamcast gdemu

    Hello, For a long time I've been wanting to mod my dreamcast. I decided to start with the gdemu. I took my dc apart to clean while waiting for gdemu. I've read a lot about this and watched a few yt videos. I am needing a bit a help/advice. My dc has the 1 on the back, on the board it has a 2...
  10. Xerxes3rd

    Other (Dreamcast) StrikerDC Bumper Button Part Number

    I recently got a StrikerDC Dreamcast controller, and it fell off my table and naturally landed squarely on the right bumper. The impact broke the momentary contact button for the bumper, and I finally found the part number for it: it's an Alps Alpine SKHLLFA010 (the right-angle/side push...
  11. A

    Very Dead Dreamcast

    So this is a bit of a strange situation. I decided to perform the citrus3000psi 10% overclock mod. I did it correctly and even replaced the thermal pads with Fujipoly 1.5mm. It all worked great but here's the strange part. My Dreamcast has always been very sensitive to static shocks to the...
  12. Alevat

    Dreamcast Soul Reaver 2

    Hello! Does any of the fans of "Legacy of Kain" still remember the canceled version of "Soul Reaver 2 Dreamcast"? Even though it's just a different version of the console, let's face it, everyone would like to see it from the fans :D For this day, still for now doesn't know who would be have...
  13. Wombat

    Dreamcast Skies of Arcadia debug menu CESA ROM Aug 08 2000 (demo ODM US vol. 9)

    For years I have known (source) about this button-code to enable a supposed debug functionality with the Skies of Arcadia demo (found on the US Official Dreamcast Magazine, vol. 9), but never actually bothered to try it out myself. Today the curiosity got the better of me and I tried it...... lo...
  14. N

    Need help reviving a hkt-0120 (on various levels): GD-M, OS mode, Jumper settings?

    Hi dear peeps, this is my first time posting and I heard good things about this forum, and I hope I’ll find some advice here. I recently purchased a Dreamcast Katana hkt-0120 and I ran into a few problems setting it properly and getting it to work. Apologize the lengthiness of the post, but I...
  15. H

    how to port game mods to half life[DC] ?

    I read an Obscuregamers post : https://www.obscuregamers.com/threads/half-life-dreamcast-mods-mega-pack.269/ and i am thinking about how to port mods like this. I mean it would be cool to play Dragon ball ESF modification in Dreamcast. What kind of stuff i need to make mods to a dreamcast game?
  16. Seroczynski

    Modded DC with distorted sound, already tried most common solutions

    Hi guys, I've been searching all over for someone who is able to push me in the right direction. Tried several forums, but no luck so far. Hopefully someone here will be able to identify the problem I am having. I live in Europe but started working on a NTSC-U Japanese Dreamcast. Replaced the...
  17. L

    Dreamcast VA0: Lowering voltage for GDEMU?

    Hello, first time poster here. I have a Japanese VA0 Dreamcast which I'm aware that it is not compatible with GDEMU. Most people familiar with GDEMU know that although it's physically compatible with both VA0 and VA1 revisions, it's designed to receive 3.3V which only the VA1 correctly...
  18. SiZiOUS

    Dreamcast PowerVR 25 – the Developer Technology team cupboards laid bare!

    I've found some days ago a very interesting page on the Imagination blog website which describes the PowerVR development process plus a lot of things about this (the PowerVR is the GPU inside the Dreamcast). In that page, there is a pict with a lot of old SDK discs for our Dreamcast and some of...
  19. V

    PSA: Ghidra 9.1 Includes SuperH SH-1/SH-2/SH-4 Support

    The Ghidra team merged my SH-1/SH-2 (Sega Saturn) processor module to trunk. They also added SH-4 (Dreamcast) support. You can download the processor modules from Ghidra's trunk or wait for the upcoming 9.1 release.
  20. einsteinx2

    Dreamcast Self-contained Dreamcast KallistiOS and Dreamshell dev environments using Docker

    Why? After spending a bunch of time getting Dreamcast development environments set up on macOS and finding some great PS2 and PS3 homebrew development Docker images, I decided to make similar ones for Dreamcast homebrew development. Since Docker is cross-platform, you can use these on Linux...