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  1. S

    Price Check Xbox 360, PS3 review discs

    Hello there, how much are these discs worth ?
  2. EvanSki

    Online Start up Disc V3.0

    Found this disk at a local Goodwill, Not exactly sure of it's use but looks like some sort of firmware upgrade to allow online play? Anyways here is the rom dump, and a pic and video I found; of the disk I have [Internet Archive link here]
  3. V

    PS4 - Bluray drive logic board - need fuse rating

    Hello Anyone has the official specifications of the fuse F203, mounted on the PS4 Bluray Disc drive's logic board BDP 025? Also, do you know if this fuse in particular can be changed with an resettable smd fuse? Thanks
  4. V

    New Dreamcast optical drive, is it possible?

    Hello I see the Dreamcast community made lots of effort to make things like USB GDROM and GDEMU, but unfortunately no one is interested in preserving the original console in its original state and functionality. Why no one is trying to make new optical drives instead, not just for Dreamcast...