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  1. F

    Xbox one s Devkit Activation

  2. N

    Need help reviving a hkt-0120 (on various levels): GD-M, OS mode, Jumper settings?

    Hi dear peeps, this is my first time posting and I heard good things about this forum, and I hope I’ll find some advice here. I recently purchased a Dreamcast Katana hkt-0120 and I ran into a few problems setting it properly and getting it to work. Apologize the lengthiness of the post, but I...
  3. SONIC3D

    Other WonderSwan official development related tool D-Pro Debugger 3.0E

    This is a set of tools to debug software on WonderSwan debugging kit. I don't find any SDK header/library files in this CD-ROM. So it disappointed me a bit. But it may still be valuable to people who has the hardware but missed this disc. Download URL...
  4. hermesconrad

    A slightly bigger puzzle than usual... Sony DTL-T10000 repair (hopefully)

    Hey Guys, So i have this sad looking ps2 dev kit, unfortunately despite the $200 i paid on shipping to get it to Melbourne Australia, it didnt survive the trip (dont use fedex, fragile means nothing to them). Amazingly it still boots up just fine, while im in there i plan to image the drives...