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  1. DirkDagger

    Other Nokia N-Gage IC. Cancelled Nokia N-Gage and N-Gage QD Official Successor.

    Well, since at AtariAge have been posted some pictures of N-Gage IC unit (but without any details and background), I think I can now also publicly share some of my quality cool pictures of my IC build (which I did for personal use in 2018), without prejudice to old NDAs, and also add some...
  2. Cyndanera


    Hi, I'm developing my own platformer game
  3. Empyreal96

    Xbox 4400 Info Wiki

    So I have started a small Wiki on information I know on the xbox source code available :) It's small and early days so far, but hopefully it will be of help! If anyone knows any info I should add or anything I have got wrong please contribute! So far: Known Environment Variables Root Source...
  4. Empyreal96

    XBOX Research into BIOSes used by people

    I'm currently looking into what BIOS images people prefer to use and which ones are more 'universal' than others.. 😁 Why? I want to make sure I hold the best compatibility for BIOSes built with Easy-Build.. Currently it uses the 2bl.img and remainder.img from iND BIOS 5001 (Which I use...
  5. N

    [Request] Help setting up a PS2 development environment.

    Hi, thanks for checking and sorry in advance if this is in the wrong forum. So I was looking into having a crack at PS2 development, mostly just for the giggles and challenge. So I was looking around old assembler games stuff and most all of the stuff there is basically saying to use a veritibly...
  6. XboxSurgeon

    Niveus Edge Xbox 360 Prototype?

    Hey all, it’s been a long while since I’ve posted but thanks to @slycooper124, we have been discussing this oddity of either homebrew ingenuity or a one off Xbox collaboration that went no where. I’m speaking of this recent thing making waves on Discord being referred to as the Niveus Edge...
  7. cavencruiser

    Gba ram speeds

    Hi, I was just wondering what the gba ram read write speed was measured in MB per second, including the iram and work ram. I was wondering since none of this info seems to be documented, and people say the team is very slow. Is the ram slower than snes or genesis? How does the speed hold up...
  8. cavencruiser

    The games that showed off the gba's power during its lifespan

    Hi, I wanted to talk about a topic that has been on my mind as of recently. The gba during its launch was one of the most powerful 2d consoles out there far surpassing anything that can have been done on genesis and snes, or any of those gen of consoles. The general question comes down to; why...
  9. D

    Wii Prototype Nintendo Wii Consoles

    Prototype Nintendo Wii RVT-R Wired "Pre-Product 4" For Test/Evaluation only. With wired Wii Mote development controller. Prototype Nintendo Wii RVT-R Wireless "Pre-Product 4" For Test/Evaluation only. Units together.
  10. reachC

    GB [Homebrew] Crate Place

    Hi! For the past few weeks I worked on a Game Boy Homebrew. Crate Place is a small Sokoban Clone for the Game Boy Classic with some of the orginal levels. I hope you like it :) Project page: reachcoding.eu/crate-place Download v1.0: crate-place-1.0.zip
  11. MSX

    GC Inside an NPDP Cartridge

    A look inside the cartridge. It has a 6GB Toshiba IDE drive to store up to 4 games. In the corners you can see 2 little capsules with black and white liquid. If you were to drop the cartridge hard, a divider inside the capsules would break which would cause the liquids to mix. Nintendo would...
  12. pool7

    Documenting console SDKs and dev tools versions and details

    I'm copying my own thread from AG; hopefully it'll be useful to someone (either now or in the future). DISCLAIMER: By accessing/reading/using/etc the link below, you agree and understand the following: -This is being done with research/education/preservation in mind -This is a constant...