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  1. DirkDagger

    Other [Nokia N-Gage / QD] NotForSale MMCs Complete Thread: Alpha, Beta, Gold, Dev, P/Review, Promo, ProtoType, Boxed J2ME.

    [N-Gage Complete Guide UpDate: 11 December 2020]. Finally I decided to create one complete thread abt Nokia N-Gage/QD NotForSale (NFS/NFR) MMC games. I never saw any more or less complete pictures/photos of that type of N-Gage media. Process of collecting retail N-Gage games cool enough, for...
  2. reachC

    GB [Homebrew] Crate Place

    Hi! For the past few weeks I worked on a Game Boy Homebrew. Crate Place is a small Sokoban Clone for the Game Boy Classic with some of the orginal levels. I hope you like it :) Project page: reachcoding.eu/crate-place Download v1.0: crate-place-1.0.zip
  3. MSX

    GC Inside an NPDP Cartridge

    A look inside the cartridge. It has a 6GB Toshiba IDE drive to store up to 4 games. In the corners you can see 2 little capsules with black and white liquid. If you were to drop the cartridge hard, a divider inside the capsules would break which would cause the liquids to mix. Nintendo would...
  4. pool7

    Documenting console SDKs and dev tools versions and details

    I'm copying my own thread from AG; hopefully it'll be useful to someone (either now or in the future). DISCLAIMER: By accessing/reading/using/etc the link below, you agree and understand the following: -This is being done with research/education/preservation in mind -This is a constant...