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  1. Moondog

    Ironblood (Microforum) floppy demo?

    Would anyone happen to know if this game had a demo released on floppy disk? I know it can be found on various shareware CD-ROMs of the time.
  2. Wombat

    Dreamcast Skies of Arcadia debug menu CESA ROM Aug 08 2000 (demo ODM US vol. 9)

    For years I have known (source) about this button-code to enable a supposed debug functionality with the Skies of Arcadia demo (found on the US Official Dreamcast Magazine, vol. 9), but never actually bothered to try it out myself. Today the curiosity got the better of me and I tried it...... lo...
  3. V

    Request Crimson Dragon Xbox 360 demo?

    Hello many years ago, the Xbox360 demo of Crimson Dragon appeared on japanese X360 marketplace, but was removed. Luckly some people were fast enough to download and store it on their hard disks, unfortunaly no one shared this demo. Is there a chance that it will be shared in future? Or someone...
  4. Nex

    PS2 BERSERK PS2 ( ベルセルク 千年帝国の鷹篇 聖魔戦記の章 ) TGS Demo | Debug Menu

    As promised in my earlier thread, heres the debug menu of Berserk PS2. The debug menu was found inside the rare variation of the normal trial version wich was distributed at TGS 2004 at the berserk booth. After a lot of fiddling around, SolidSnake11 eventually got the menu working and with some...