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  1. K

    Debugging on PS2, without a DTL-T10K?

    Hi all, I've recently gotten interested in writing some code for the PS2 again, just as an exercise and out of curiosity. While I've managed to get the toolchain set up and integrated in my IDE of choice (CLion), I'm currently stuck on finding some way to debug my code. I would kill for a...
  2. Goodman

    Playstation 2 Slim DTL-H70002S PAL Bios For download

    i dumped bios from DTL-H70002S i think was never leaked on gaming forums. Here we are :) https://www.mediafire.com/file/rfdi8k2ym7iw7dq/Bios.7z/file Works perfectly on pcsx2 emulator :) ENJOY;)