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action replay

  1. SONIC3D

    Saturn Requesting info on Saturn X-Terminator Ver.3. For ROM preservation purpose.

    During the holiday, I plan to make a video tutorial on how to use X-Terminator ver.3. But I found one of my X-Terminator ver.3 is version 3.00. I currently cannot find any known dump of this version. The lowest version I can get is v3.01, which is found in the Save Data Manager disc. So I ask...
  2. danhans42


    This is something I have been working on/off the last month or two.. NXFLASH. https://github.com/danhans42/nxflash NXFLASH is built on the source of XFLASH which was written by Tim Schuerewegen some time ago. It allows you to flash/backup cheat cartridges such as the Xplorer/Xplorder/AR/GS...