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RVT-H Tool v1.1.1

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Announcing RVT-H Tool v1.0: https://github.com/GerbilSoft/rvthtool/releases/tag/v1.0


Current Features

  • Lists all disc images currently installed on the RVT-H system.
  • Can find "deleted" images that aren't accessible on the RVT-H but are still present on the HDD, and has an option to undelete these images.
    • Can undelete any image deleted by rvtwriter, which only clears the bank table entry.
    • Can undelete Wii images that were "flushed" using the front-panel button.
      • GameCube images deleted this way cannot currently be undeleted.
  • Extracts disc images from an RVT-H system or HDD image into a GCM file.
    • Supports optional recryption to convert a debug-encrypted image to retail encryption with fake-signed ticket and TMD.
  • Signature verification for all Wii disc images. Indicates if the signature is valid, invalid, or fakesigned. (Game partition only at the moment.)
  • Installation of GameCube and Wii disc images onto an RVT-H system. If importing a retail Wii disc image, it will automatically be re-signed and re-encrypted using the debug keys. (Update partitions will be removed, since retail updates won't work properly on RVT-H.)
    • Supported image formats: GCM, headered GCM, CISO, WBFS
    • Split WBFS is not currently supported. Combine the .wbfs and .wbfs1 files before processing.
  • Standalone disc image re-signing to convert e.g. retail to debug, debug to retail, unencrypted to debug, etc. Conversion to retail will result in a fakesigned image.
  • Querying all available RVT-H Reader devices to determine which device name is associated with which reader.
  • Converting unencrypted debug-signed disc images to retail fake-signed and debug-encrypted debug-signed.
Planned Features

  • Extend the bank table to support more than 8 banks. Requires an RVT-H Reader with an HDD larger than 40 GB.
    • Bank 1 will be relocated to before the bank table, limiting it to GameCube images.

A future version will also add a GUI.


The following commands assume /dev/sdb is the RVT-H device.

Full unencrypted RVT-H disk image dumps taken from the front-panel USB port and by dumping the drive directly are also supported.

Direct device access on Windows is possible by specifying \\.\PhysicalDriveN, where N is the physical disk number. Disk Management will show the physical disk number in the bottom pane.

WARNING: Disk Management will prompt to initialize the RVT-H device. DO NOT ALLOW IT TO INITIALIZE THE DRIVE; this may cause data loss.

The following commands assume /dev/sdb is the RVT-H Reader, and will extract bank 1.

  • List disc images:
    • $ sudo ./rvthtool list /dev/sdb
  • Extract a bank with no modifications:
    • $ sudo ./rvthtool extract /dev/sdb 1 disc.gcm
  • Extract a bank and convert to retail fakesigned encryption:
    • $ sudo ./rvthtool extract --recrypt=retail /dev/sdb 1 disc.gcm
  • Delete a bank:
    • $ sudo ./rvthtool delete /dev/sdb 1
    • NOTE: This will only clear the bank table entry.
  • Undelete a bank:
    • $ sudo ./rvthtool undelete /dev/sdb 1
  • Import a GameCube or Wii game:
    • $ sudo ./rvthtool import /dev/sdb 1 disc.gcm
    • If the game is retail-encrypted, it will be converted to debug encryption and signed using the debug keys.
  • Convert an RVT-R disc image to retail fakesigned:
    • $ ./rvthtool extract --recrypt=retail RVT-R.gcm RetailFakesigned.gcm
    • The bank number may be omitted if the source file is a standalone disc image instead of an RVT-H HDD image or RVT-H Reader device.
  • Query available RVT-H Readers:
$ ./rvthtool query

- Manufacturer:  Nintendo Co., Ltd.
- Product Name:  RVT-H READER
- Serial Number: 20xxxxxx
- HDD Firmware:  01.0
- HDD Vendor:    WDC     
- HDD Model:     WD800BEVE-00UYT0
- HDD Size:      74.5 GB


The RVT-H's internal hard drive is not encrypted. This allows rvthtool to operate on an RVT-H system that's connected directly using USB, as well as disk image dumps from both the USB interface and from a direct HDD dump.

Disc images on the RVT-H may or may not be encrypted:

  • GameCube: Not encrypted.
  • Wii: May be encrypted using the RVT-R debug key, or not encrypted.

Wii disc images encrypted using the RVT-R debug key are playable on the Dolphin emulator with no changes. They can also be used on retail consoles with a USB loader if the image is re-encrypted and fakesigned using the retail encryption key.

Unencrypted Wii disc images are not currently usable on Dolphin or retail consoles. I have been working on adding unencrypted image support to Dolphin but have not been successful yet.

Note about Debug IOS

RVT-R disc images typically include debug versions of IOS. These will not install on retail consoles, since they're encrypted with debug keys. Do NOT attempt to install them by re-encrypting them with the retail keys. Doing so will most likely result in a brick, especially if the 128 MB mode IOS WADs are used.


This is a command line tool to resign WAD files to and from any Wii keyset. Conversion to Debug will be realsigned. Conversion to retail or Korean will be fakesigned.

In addition, this tool supports reading early devkit WADs, which makes it possible to convert them to run on emulators and/or later devkits.

WARNING: Use with caution if converting a system title for installation on real hardware, since this may result in an unrecoverable brick.
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